CSIT Virtual FPGA Laboratory

CSIT Virtual FPGA Laboratory is an academic orientated laboratory that will provide access to a number of boards equipped with Xilinx FPGAs so students can test their own projects on a real environment.

Our virtual laboratory is based on 3 main components and it offers the same environment as the actual laboratory located in room EG206:
One will need to have a valid account and password provided by our faculty to our registered students. There are 20 machines available for the moment (

NX Client can be used both on Linux and Windows machines because is the most efficient remote desktop for Linux by far.

Before you can use the NX client you will need to redirect a local port using ssh -L 6000:10.42.5.x:22 username@fep.grid.pub.ro.

You can use the NX client to connect on the 6000 port of your localhost (student/student).

Once connected, you have a Fedora 15 Linux machine with all the proper tools installed and configured. You can start all the tools from a terminal console (ise, impact, sysgen, vsim, and others).

For more details please use this guide: CSIT Vlab guide